The GitHub client you've always wanted

Stepping through nine Issues in one second

Your productivity is our first priority

We're building GitSpeak to help you spend less time managing your project, and more time shipping code.

To achieve this, we aim to strip away every single point of friction involved with Issues, Pull Requests, and project management. We'll leave no stone unturned.

Why do we do this? Because we're developers ourselves, and we want a better workflow. As simple as that.

No more lagging

GitSpeak is built from the ground up to never leave your waiting. So everything loads instantly. This is good for your productivity and well-being.

A better notification system

GitSpeak makes it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest activity in your organization. View and act upon notifications on the same page.

A superior writing experience

Our rich text editor means you don't have to memorize all those markdown commands. Plus, it's a more pleasant writing experience.

Multi-repo views customized for you

You can customize your view to include exactly the repos you work with. This means quicker access to the relevant Issues, PRs, and Project boards.

Code reviews on steroids

GitSpeak lets you do video-based code reviews. It's both more personal and more efficient than textual comments.

We do not store your codebase

We prefer not having your source code on our server. So when you use the GitSpeak app, we instead read the code from your local file system. The only time we need to save code is when you record audiovisual code walk-throughs, and even then we only save the files you open during the session.