A project management tool for developers

GitSpeak helps small dev teams manage their software projects
without storing the codebase.

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Finally a project management tool that sets devs first

Multiple repos in one view

We work hard to make it as easy as humanly possible to jump between Issues and PRs on different repos. So you're always one click away. Learn more here.

Rich text > raw markdown

Say goodbye to writing raw markdown. Our rich text editor ensures a pleasant experience while still supporting markdown. Learn more here.

Integrated with GitHub

GitSpeak is synced real-time with your GitHub repo(s). This means you can start using it as a single dev on your team.

Built with your productivity in mind

Speed above all

GitSpeak is built in Imba, which does DOM reconcilation 10x faster than other JS frameworks. This means you hardly ever have to wait for things to load.

Boards, of course

Boards help you keep track of the progress. We'll soon deploy support for syncing them with your GitHub boards in real-time.

Paste code, we'll handle the rest

When you paste a snippet from your IDE we'll keep both its syntax and context, so that it's easier for colleagues to reason about it. See it in action here.

Meet Codecasts, a new way to discuss code

It's like video, but better

Codecasts bring the screencasting technology behind into dev teams. It's lightweight, interactive and loved by devs all over the world.

Code reviews on steroids

Record a codecast and submit it as a PR review. It's as if you were explaining the code face-to-face. Learn more here.

Great for onboarding sessions

Codecasts let's you live-stream code walkthroughs to new hires, and also record it so that they can re-watch when they need to. Learn more here.

How we avoid storing your codebase

We prefer not to store your code on our server. So when you use the GitSpeak app, we instead read the code from your local file system. The only time we need to save code is when you record audiovisual code walk-throughs, and even then we only save the files you open during the session.